Dear All

It is with deep regret and a heavy heart that I have to inform you that this years festival is being cancelled.

Ticket sales have been fairly consistent and in line with certain expectations, but the rising cost's of event production to meet legislative criteria and public service expectations have steadily risen at an uncontrollable rate. This is partly due to the location of the site and also the nature of the ground. As organisers we need to make provision for inclement weather and as such roadways and other key infrastructure need to be installed when the land is of a similar nature to ours.

We now find ourselves in a situation that is completely untenable with our break even now at treble its original number. This sadly is far too great a risk to take. There are currently 7 weeks until the festival and if we stop now there is a fair chance that our acts, caterers and traders will have just enough time to find alternative places to trade/perform. We owe them this opportunity at the very least.

The licensing committee and various council departments have been extremely helpful throughout the entire project. This situation has nothing to do with local government offices and they should not be blamed in any shape or form. We have enjoyed a very helpful relationship with Sedgemoor district council and various emergency service organisations.

We set up the festival to help people all those years ago and I think that over time we have managed to do this. We certainly managed to raise some significant funds to pass on to a number of charities but if we are unable to fulfil our basic remit as a charity event then there seems to be little point in continuing.

This is a very sad day for all of us involved and we are so sorry to have to make this decision. We know that so many of you were looking forward to the festival as were we. Sadly we have exhausted all avenues to bring the event to a happy conclusion and are now unable to go any further.

If you have any questions we can be contacted at for the next few weeks.

We thank you for your support over the years and hope that you understand.

Thank you